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Our story began with a wish. The desire to offer our guests an experience at the highest standards. In the almost 16 years of existence, we have understood that the human factor plays a crucial role in achieving our goal. Therefore, we focus on the personal and professional needs of our employees, and over time we have formed a team of ambitious, energetic people, eager for personal and professional development and passionate about hospitality, with a positive attitude and team spirit.

Because we are eager for perfection, we are always looking for people who will add value to the team and who will develop harmoniously with us. If you are interested in a place in our team, we invite you to consult the list of available positions on our website, cariere@rinhotels.ro, and send us your CV to the e-mail address resurseumane@rinhotels.ro.

We are waiting for you in our team!

Our Mission

To be perceived and recognized as the best hotel chain in Bucharest by the way we exceed the expectations of our guests, by teamwork, demonstrating innovation, dynamism, attention to detail and dedication to excellence in services. To be a company concerned with its employees, their motivation, a company of professionals that offers an attractive work environment, with opportunities for professional development.

Our Vision

To be the first option for guests who choose Bucharest as a tourist destination. A strong brand that is based on both guest and employee satisfaction, offering an innovative product at the best value for the money.

RIN Hotels

With 16 years of experience in the hospitality industry, the RIN hotel chain is an excellent option for those who choose Bucharest as a tourist or business destination.

The three 4-star hotels, RIN Grand, RIN Airport and RIN Central, strategically located in the south, center and north of the Capital, through the diversity and quality of services, ensure the best quality/price ratio guaranteeing the satisfaction of our guests.

The Acquisitions Department is responsible for procurement, orders to suppliers and inventory management. The supply service centralizes all orders issued by various departments of the hotel and is responsible for concluding contracts that ensure the daily development of all hotel services.
Internal Audit
The team carries out internal audit missions, analyzes departmental procedures, verifies their compliance in hotels and prepares specific reports that are sent to management for continuous improvement of activities.
Bar / Restaurant
Within this department there are many roles in restaurants and bars (waiter, bartender, head chef, etc.). You can also serve a large group of guests if you work on banquets or you can offer an exceptional individual service on room service.
The team from each location, led by the Sous-Chef, together with specialist chefs, kitchen workers and dishwashers, works to create a unique dining experience and to keep all the kitchen equipment clean at all times.
The team of cleaning professionals responds to all requirements promptly using efficient solutions, professional equipment and ecological detergents specific to each surface. The floor service carries out activities of maintenance and daily cleaning of individual spaces (rooms) and common areas (halls, bathrooms, conference rooms, restaurants, etc.).
Finance / Accounting
With a permanent focus on the financial results of the business, the team of economists manages the financial activities of the group. The Finance Department consists of the following areas of activity: Business Planning (costs, inventories, investments, operating expenses and budgets) and Controlling (accounting records, taxes, internal and external reporting, treasury). Each action is ultimately reflected in each correctly planned number, comma and calculation formula.
The IT department is directly responsible for the proper functioning of all information systems, monitors system performance, provides specialized assistance and deals with the field of MVP.
The team in the Legal Department, made up of lawyers and professional advisers, legally prepares all the necessary documents for RIN Hotels.
The key to an organization's success depends on its marketing strategy. This department deals with advertising, sales promotion and public relations.
Management / Managerial Assistance
At the heart of every hotel is the management team - people who plan success, make decisions, build successful teams, instill confidence and are a source of inspiration for his team; each manager is responsible for ensuring the highest level of guest satisfaction and for delivering outstanding business results.
Guard and Order
At home or on vacation, the sense of security cannot be violated. The security department ensures the security of the guests, but also of the location; it can also assist in the security of an important event or in the identification of lost objects.
The reception staff are the ones who build the first image of the hotel, being the first to interact with the guests from the porter to the receptionist, concierge and reception manager. With a friendly personality and always available to customers, the reception team conveys to guests the feeling of relaxation and pampering.
Human Resources
Employees are the most important resource that ensures compliance with the commitment to provide the best services. Our HR people are working to bring this to life. The department includes the areas of recruitment and selection, personnel management, and training and development.
The employees of this department are passionate and focused on providing exceptional accommodation services for guests around the world.
SPA - Body Art Wellness Club
For our guests, the experience at RIN Hotels is complemented by the opportunities for relaxation and body care provided by the Body Art Wellness Club team. The roles in this team can be receptionist, coach, masseur, etc.
Our friendly drivers provide transportation to any tourist or business destination. Depending on the number of people, our cars are available to guests for individual transport, business meetings, private parties, teambuildings.
The safety and comfort of our guests is one of the priorities of RIN Hotels, the team of the technical department ensuring permanent maintenance and repairs in every location.
Sales & Events

The sales team identifies and attracts customers/guests to the hotel chain and together with the events team organizes and coordinates both corporate and social events, dealing with details of accommodation, the services included and their technical needs. Whether it is a wedding, baptism, special anniversary or a company event, product launch, conferences and seminars, our team offers you the guarantee of a successful event!

Training & Development

The Training Department has the mission to contribute to the professional development of all colleagues, to support them in their activity through training sessions in which we deliver new knowledge or, why not, new perspectives.

We develop, deliver, implement and evaluate innovative training and teambuilding programs, at a high quality level, so as to contribute in the long term, to the growth and professional development of colleagues and implicitly to the quality of RIN Hotels services.

We are guided in our activity by values such as: professionalism, contribution, quality, adaptability, results orientation, creating a pleasant work environment. We are the promoter of the development of all our colleagues and, last but not least, of our own team.

Our trainings are varied: off-job, on-job, formal meetings, qualification courses, in which we develop soft skills or hardskills, attitudes and skills.

The contribution of the Training Department to the construction and development of teams is materialized by the knowledge, concepts and ideas delivered in the training and teambuilding sessions, by the skills and attitudes developed and, of course, by the quality services and unique experience of RIN Hotels guests.